total loss specialists

Total Loss Specialists

The Threat of Unknown Losses for Retailers

Retail Crime is at its highest level ever. The threat from terrorism and Organised Criminals Gangs is on the rise – gang crime represents 80% of losses to crime.

But non-malicious, systemic losses contribute 75% of Total Loss from all sources. But where do they occur in your business?

Implications: How are you Affected?

Total loss: the threat to your profits from...


  • Fraud
  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Internal theft


  • Wastage
  • Damage
  • Staff errors
  • Non-compliance

So what is needed: protection that is highly targeted, where losses criminal and other losses occur. A Total Loss strategy with a clear ROI.

Lodge Service Provides

'Resource to Risk' Solutions

A Strategy that Works...

  • Data mining, analysis & intelligence: to understand the losses & threats to your business
  • Focus on a proportionate solution: ‘lean’ deployment of resources
  • Supporting technology integration and reporting systems for centralised control

Next Steps

Total Loss - The Insight Session

Lodge will hold a workshop with you to determine your needs; identify ‘quick wins’ and plan a strategic roadmap.

Objectives / Takeaways:

  • An understanding of Total Loss and Resource to Risk Model
  • Analysis of where you are vs. where you need and want to be
  • New focus and insight on profits, sales, service and costs
  • Solutions focused on people, hardware, software, education and collaboration
  • Simply fill in the form to find out about an Insight Session

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