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Lodg.IC: The Lodge Intelligence Centre

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Lodg.IC: The Lodge Intelligence Centre

Lodg.IC: the Lodge Intelligence Centre

Lodg.IC, the Lodge Intelligence Centre, and its extended European Intelligence Network, gives clients in all business sectors an unrivalled ability to think and act faster and smarter than ever before.

Through intelligent central monitoring, control and planning of the widest range of security and property services, Lodg.IC enhances asset protection and reduces cost and risk for greater return on investment.

The range of security and property management services delivered for clients can include:

  • In-store and on-site live monitoring
  • Post incident verification
  • Incident Management systems
  • 24/7 BMS (Building Management Services)
  • Vehicle tracking and Lone Worker Support
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Technology Integration of security and FM systems
  • Business data analysis
  • 24-hour support and response


A new smartphone app, Lodgic, is now available to facility managers to check that fire doors are attended and unlocked at times when the building is accessed by the public.

The app uses a barcode scanning system and connection to a 24-7 monitoring centre, for just £12 per month subscription. The Lodgic app can be downloaded by staff on site and features a tour program with a pre-set activity log; a message and alarm prompts the user to go to and then secure or unlock each fire door on site at a pre-set time, which can be varied with weekly opening hours.

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