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24th May 2017

Menu of Tactical Options: The following list of tactical options should be considered to support an increase in the threat level, particularly to ‘Critical’ or following an incident or attack. It is not an exhaustive list and there may be other site specific options which would be relevant to your premises.

A. Lock down procedure · Have the ability to restrict the number of access points to your premises and if necessary to prevent any access or egress to protect staff For further Information:

B. Increase security presence · Implement temporary changes to shift patterns to increase staff numbers , (consult with staff in advance and agree on how this can be achieved) · Consider reciprocal agreements with neighbouring businesses to widen footprint, search areas and consolidate staff · Implement overt and unpredictable patrolling · Consider the use of high visibility clothing to increase impact · Challenge all staff/visitors including those in livered vehicles (Police, utility companies) For further Information:

C. Staff Vigilance · Direct all staff and visitors to wear identification (if this is not usual practice) · Encourage staff to challenge those not wearing identification and that they do not recognise · Ensure staff know how to report suspicious behaviour · Brief staff on response and threat levels For further Information:
D. Partnership working · Work in partnership with surrounding businesses to share information on suspicious behaviour, security posture etc.

E. CCTV · Ensure all parts of the system are fully functioning · Check vulnerable areas to ensure adequate coverage For further Information: F. Parking · Restrict parking close to buildings and vulnerable areas · Check parked vehicles for staff or visitor passes 

G. Visitors · Restrict visitors to pre-booked appointments only · Check photographic identification · All Visitors to be escorted at all times For further Information: 6 OFFICIAL 05/12/16

H. Implement search regimes · Vehicles, hand baggage, people, goods · Consider unpredictable times and locations if a full screening regime cannot be maintained to maximise impact/effect For further Information:

I. Consider cancelling or postponing events that may place your staff, customers or suppliers at risk

J. Review staff abstractions and consider cancelling non-essential training to maintain resources

K. Deliveries · Restrict deliveries to essential and expected items only · Where possible scan all mail items · Train staff to recognise suspicious items For further Information: Remember robust and vigilant ‘communities’ provide a hostile environment for terrorists/criminals to operate in. Useful Links

The following links provide additional useful information that may assist when deploying the tactical options;

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