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Black Friday 2017 – How to Protect your Profits on the Big Day

Black Friday presents opportunities. Risks too - those that occur when a crowd of people are trying to get into a store, department, counter, shelf or display all at the same time.

There are risks to profit margins too, when some visitors to the store see this as an opportunity to steal, cloaked by big crowds, believing they are hidden from the view of your in-store CCTV cameras.

There are practical security precautions retailers can take even at this late stage to avoid the costly errors made by some stores in earlier years.

If your security strategy is still not ready and in place, you can make use of ad hoc, on-demand services to increase in-store guarding and also support from store detectives, (call us).

To get 24/7 remote monitoring of your CCTV and other systems, you can link to a central intelligence centre over the internet, such as at the Lodgic Intelligence Centre, for an effective managed response.

Don’t Underestimate Customer Numbers

In 2016 many stores predicted that customers would mainly take to the internet and shop online to take advantage of Black Friday. Well many did – but a lot of shoppers wanted to go to stores and see what bargains they could find, also to see alternative goods on display.

Predictions of low customer numbers for 2017 are a concern – but isn’t that a good reason to be well prepared, to get your loss prevention in place?

Store and security managers need to be ready to direct customer flows, both into the store and through it, into each department. You may require temporary barriers and extra staff to manage queues – ideally staff who are trained to deal with both security and H&S incidents.

Do the Risk Analysis

For your stores, where do the threats come from, in terms of losses?

Clearly high value goods are always a target. Particularly if they are on display, small and easily hidden in a pocket or bag. Do you know what is targeted in your store? Including in stock rooms and at the point of sale?

Uniformed guards represent a proven deterrent to criminal activity; and when they are trained in customer service, our experience is that it adds positively to the retail experience for shoppers. It really makes a difference.

The ability of contract security staff to interact easily and helpfully with customers - to help them locate a department or product section, for example – supports the retail brand. It is a skill set that also ensures guards are vigilant, attentive to the store environment, alert to potential risks and security threats.

Support Sales for the next 11 Months

How as a retailer you manage the interaction with customers during Black Friday and in the run up to Christmas will largely determine how the brand is perceived for the following 11 months of the year. So please consider:-

  1. Does the store feel like a safe and secure environment, with shoppers greeted and helped by friendly staff?
  2. Is your loss prevention programme in place for 2018, using an effective combination of guarding and technology, including CCTV, EPoS monitoring and tagging as necessary?
  3. Do you have a Total Loss programme in place, to cover both criminal and non-malicious losses - errors, waste, damage and similar losses, which are much the larger in terms of value? Do you know about Transpeye, and the opportunity to protect a single terminal or store at very low cost?
  4. Does the security programme support your merchandising and promotion systems, to ensure the best presentation and access to products by customers, with proportionate loss prevention measures?

If your answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions, than why not contact us for an initial chat. 

You can benefit from our near 100 years of continuous experience, to help get your 2018 plans in place for retail security, loss prevention and total loss control –

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