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26th October 2016

The commercial impact on the Byron hamburger chain from the protests by immigration campaigners should be a warning to retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues of the need to monitor opinion and have contigency plans in place to deal quickly with any security issues that arise from protests or malicious acts. 

Demonstrators, protesting at the actions of the immigration service in detaining staff working for the hamburger chain, are reported to have lined pavements and waved banners outside some Byron restaurants. The burger business has pleaded with protestors to respect the safety of customers and staff after activitsts said they released thousands of insects - including locusts and cockroaches - into one of the chain's branches. 

The damage to business arising from protest action by interest groups can be considerable. It is a problem that can develop very suddenly, as a consequence of issues that a business may be unable to anticipate or have little or no control over. But there are sensible steps you can take to be alert as early as possible to any potential problem, and mitigate some of the risks and consequential damage to the business. 

This article was published in Risk UK.

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