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30th April 2015

Joan Burton (pictured) - Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and leader of the Labour Party in Ireland - has praised the organisation of security by Lodge Service for the party’s 68th Annual Conference at the Gleneagles hotel and INEC Convention Centre in Killarney, County Kerry, in February 2015.

Lodge Service planned and managed the security logistics for the three-day event.

The Lodge Service team provided security staff for internal and external security, including traffic control and managing the arrival and departure of delegates, including Government Ministers and other VIPs.

Delegates registered for the event on arrival at the conference car park. They presented a letter of invitation to the event and received an entry pass, and were then accompanied by security staff to the venue entrance, where the pass was scanned and checked against a photo ID database.

“Liam Gleeson and the Lodge Service team provided excellent work both leading into and over the course of the weekend of our Party Conference in the INEC Convention Centre in Killarney,” says Joan Burton, Leader of the Labour Party.

“The organisation of the security of the event was highly acclaimed by the many Party members I spoke to over the weekend. I think both our members and members of the media are accustomed to the Labour Party holding a Conference run to the highest professional standards, indeed they would be surprised if it was anything but.

“However I know everything running smoothly and safely doesn't come easy but it was due rather in a very large part to the incredible effort of Liam and his staff putting in to all the work they do for us.

“I thank Liam for everything he did to ensure the success of our 68th National Conference, and I look forward to working with Lodge Service again in the future”.

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