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25th November 2015

Lodge Service was recently interviewed by French Fashion media

Question. What should retailers be doing to ensure the security of their staff and customers at this sensitive moment for France – and Europe?

Answer. Security needs to increase, specifically in the area of intelligence – monitoring, gathering and responding to information in-store.

This requires the use of experienced undercover store detectives, private guards, to mix with shoppers and monitor behaviour that is suspicious or unusual. We have store detectives operating in major UK retailers. It is a highly successful in identifying and preventing crime.

Detectives liaise with the Police to understand specific terrorist threats, modus operandi of terrorists and to look out for suspected individuals.

Secondly, ‘integrity testing’ is essential – this means testing current security provision to ensure that it is working correctly. Undercover operatives can test access to restricted areas, response times to alarms, the speed and reliability of liaison with Police and to other State emergency services.

We provide these services in the UK and can offer them in France.

Q. How much security can they implement without scaring shoppers away?  

A. The evidence is that shoppers welcome good security. It makes them feel more secure.

The only potential issue is if shoppers are physically inconvenienced, such as with bag checks. But if this is done swiftly and politely, then this may be acceptable.

Q. In terms of malls, is that up to the mall operator or will individual tenants also implement security?

A. The open spaces in the mall are the responsibility of the mall operator. It should of course liaise with the tenants to share information in relation to: threat levels, specific local threats, individuals who pose a threat, and specific types of criminality that are trending.

Q. How much do they work with local police and national security agencies? 

A. Close liaison is critically important.

Our teams at Lodge Service are in contact minute by minute with the state. It is an area particularly in the UK where there is a very close relationship between commercial security organisations and teams with the Police and security agencies.

In the UK we have organised, monthly meetings in the City of London for example. Where Police meet retail security people to share information and experiences.

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