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17th September 2014

Stuart Lodge, CEO of Lodge Service

In his latest blog for, Stuart Lodge, Chief Executive of Lodge Service, discusses technology and the role of manned guarding.

Stuart writes: “As the security industry goes increasingly ‘hi-tech’, some security users are calling into question whether guards or other on-site security staff will be required at all in retail and other sectors in ten or so years. Will electronic systems and remote monitoring – and perhaps the use of drones and autonomous robots – make manned guarding, quite literally, redundant?"

But stealing is becoming more sophisticated and better planned. Can technology alone counter this?

A high level of security intelligence in-store is required to identify where and how thieves operate, as well as for vulnerability testing, test purchasing and compliance checks. It needs someone, a trained operative who can observe, recognise patterns of criminal behaviour and move around in-store, between aisles and through crowded stores, to detect theft.

Read more about this article here.

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