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21st January 2014

Simon Chapman, MD of Lodge Service, will be talking about Contingency Planning - Remote Monitoring, Surveillance and Facilities Management Advances.

Q: What is your involvement with the counter terrorism and security markets?
A: Lodge Service provides services and systems to protect high profile retail and corporate environments from all threats to their security. The service integrates guarding, CCTV monitoring and access control, ‘secret shopper’ and investigations to provide protection comprehensively.

Q: What are you speaking about?

  • Availability of remote monitoring and access control to ensure full site control post-evacuation
  • The systems and technologies available for remote monitoring and access control, including facial recognition 
  • A review of available technology platforms and how the contingency strategy can be implemented
  • How the systems can be used to protect potential targets in the City of London and other locations

The presentation discusses the technology available for remote monitoring and access control to enable management of sites from distant locations. The technology is now tried and tested with major retailers to provide security and control out-of-hours, for deliveries with reduced staffing: the same systems can be used to protect potential targets in the City of London and other locations.

Q: Why have you chosen to speak about this at Counter Terror 2014?
A: There are new opportunities for security and facilities managers to benefit from advances in technology for remote monitoring and access control. These provide both additional security and cost benefits, arising from the centralisation of control, data and management reporting

Q: What do you consider to be the main counter terrorism and security risks around the world in 2014?
A: Identifying specific threats from within the high volume and diversity of access to most office, retail and public buildings – which can include members of the public, staff, business visitors and suppliers.

This requires a high level of vigilance and comprehensive monitoring, to macro manage spaces and micro manage individuals in those areas. Vigilance is required throughout the supply chain, including non-public areas, such as delivery and storage.

Q: What are the key points of the speech?

  • Consider the opportunities for remote monitoring and access control from a remotely- located control centre. There can be major benefits in terms of higher standards of security, better management information and control, and cost-savings 
  • For contingency planning, remote access control offers particular benefits post-evacuation, to manage entry and egress. This is important where a lingering threat may still be present on site
  • For remote monitoring and control, IP connectivity and system compatibility between sites and the central hub are important issues. Also, the ability to upgrade and add new services
  • Consider the full range of security & building services for remote management: this can include lighting and HVAC systems; also central data collection; daily scheduling and emergency deployment of guards and emergency teams
  • The mix of CCTV and guarding is crucial: consider how they will work together in support 
  • An initial security survey is essential to identify risks, problem areas and issues and then specify measures that are proportionate and cost-effective
  • The final contingency plan should take account of the range of security threats, including out of hours; at peak occupancy; post-evacuation; and following electrical or other system failure

Q: What one thing would you want your audience to take away from your speech?
A: A comprehensive security audit is required to identify risks and potential threats throughout the target location, and then provide protection that is cost-effective, proportionate and takes into account all the range of technologies and best practices in guarding, surveillance and investigations, for a fully integrated security specification and contingency plan.

Q: Who should attend your presentation?
A: Security and facilities managers

* This is an interview by Counter Terror Expo - Olympia, London, 30th April

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