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13th March 2013

There is growing demand by major retailers for a measurable return on their investment in security, says Stuart Lodge, CEO of security consultants Lodge Service, founded in 1919 by his grandfather.

How much is crime costing your organisation in lost revenue and additional overheads? What is your annual investment in security to counter potential losses; and what is the return on the outlay?  

These are questions that retailers are now asking themselves as they scrutinise crime prevention and other budgets at the start of another year of austerity.

Heads of security in the retail sector have to account increasingly for the ROI, Return on Investment, from the systems and services required to protect assets and revenue. It is becoming a central concern too for managers of offices and other commercial properties. The focus has shifted from safety as the primary issue for security planning to one of cost reduction.

Welfare and protection still matter, of course, because of the impact on CSR, Corporate and Social Responsibility, and the reputation of retailers in providing a safe customer and working environment.

However, it is the ‘bottom line’  that is defining security strategy and determines the investment in countermeasures. Retailers are employing a wide range of technologies and services to analyse risk and then optimise the return on their outlay, such as through the protection of specific ‘hot goods’ that attract thieves, including tea, coffee and electrical goods.

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