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22nd November 2013

Remote surveillance and facilities management over IP is a major boon for contingency planning to ensure full control of designated sites post-evacuation. In the plan, sites can be switched over to remote operation as soon as a threat emerges, with control passed to a location well away from the protected site.

Spaces on site, including individual rooms, can be monitored and controlled, to address the risk of acts of terrorism for example, to isolate the danger but also provide entry and egress for emergency and security services.

The technology for remote monitoring and access control to enable control of sites from distant locations is now tried and tested by Lodge Service with major retailers to provide security and control out-of-hours, for deliveries with reduced staffing. The same systems can be used to protect potential targets in the City of London and other locations.

If a building has to be evacuated because of an imminent or actual threat, the site can be secured and access controlled via CCTV and voice intercom, as well as remote (un)locking. Also, building facilities can be managed - including lighting and HVAC systems - to minimise any secondary risk of damage or injury.

This strategy minimises the risks to staff on protected sites. It means that post-evacuation emergency services, for example, can be allowed access in a controlled manner to designated areas. Once personnel have left the building, full lock down can be re-instated.

Contact Lodge Service for information on the systems and technologies available for remote monitoring; two-way communication, remote locking and facilities control; the technology platforms available; and how a contingency strategy can be implemented.

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